Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May Days

It seems like the past few weeks have flown by. Eric and I have been on the go non-stop for 4 weeks straight...out of town every weekend. Needless to say, we are worn out! We've been spending lots of time with family and friends and have been house hunting during the week. We're still praying for a buyer for our house in B'ham before we buy another home here. We met with our mortgage guy today and I think it seems like too big of a risk to take on 2 mortgages. So, we're going to continue to live in our apartment in Gulfport until August and then possibly rent a home if our house still has not sold by then.

Aside from getting our living arrangements in order...we went to the doctor last week and found out my due date was moved up to July 22nd. So we literally have just a few weeks before baby William is here! Please keep us in your prayers for a continued great pregnancy and perfect delivery.

My sister Allison and I with our 2 boys at Landon's 2nd Birthday party

Nolan drying off after playing on the waterslide at the birthday party

Nonna and Zach

The huge waterslide was a little big for Nolan :)

Eric teaching Nolan how to play putt-putt for the first time

Yes...that's my son with the bucket over his head at Bear Club at the Lyn Meadows Discovery Center.

Nolan's friend William from MMO decided to push him around in the kiddy wheelchair at Lyn Meadows in the small basketball area they had set up. This pic was taken right before he slammed into the gate!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nommie and Pap-Paw's house

I had a great Mother's Day weekend with my boys and visiting with Eric's family in Laurel. Nolan was spoiled rotten with lots of love and attention from Nommie and Pap-Paw! Eric and I enjoyed some alone time riding around in his mom's convertible and had a lot of fun playing outside with Nolan. I must say the heat is very trying at times when you're pretty pregnant, but I was able to catch up on some extra sleep and propped my feet up a good bit!

Nolan loves driving Pap-Paw's fishing boat in the garage

Nolan loves his new pool & water slide Nommie bought for him to play with in the hot weather

His swim trunks are almost like pants they're so long!!

Daddy decided to jump in the kiddy pool and cool off with Nolan. Priceless!

Pap-Paw bought Nolan's first play fishing pole and practices with him how to reel in a fish

Nolan got lots of new things this weekend...including a 4 wheeler that we couldn't keep him off!

Trying to help Nommie water the plants. He waters his feet instead and then tries to wipe up the water. I have to explain it's okay to spill water outside ;)

Nolan is so quick to jump in my car seat and pretend he's driving

Before we went to Nommie's house on Friday, Nolan fell asleep in his high chair while he was eating lunch. I thought it was so funny! He was worn out from playing with Mommy at the pool that morning :)

The Hill at Florence Gardens

This past Thursday my friend Allison and I took the kids to play at "The Hill" at Florence Gardens (a newer neighborhood where Eric and I may build a home) and they had so much fun chasing each other and running up and down the hill! Even though it was like 90 degrees outside and super humid...the kids still enjoyed their playtime there and later at the playground until Allison and I were too hot to stand the heat any longer!

Run Nolan!! Sam and Avery are almost to the hill when he realizes they took off without him!

Finally, they all make it to the top!

Short rest break. Looking for bugs.

Back in Birmingham!

Eric and I had a fun weekend in Birmingham the first of May visiting with all our friends and old neighbors. It was exciting to be back and really felt like we were coming home after being gone for a few weeks. We stayed with our dear friends Krystie, Stirling, and their precious baby girl, Julie. Our home still has not sold, but we are firmly believing and trusting in the Lord that His timing is always perfect in matter how long it seems to us sometimes. Eric and I are very faithful that the Lord is going to bless our neighbors with a great family to move into our home, and provide us the opportunity to buy a home here in Gulfport, and settle down for a few years. In the meantime, we still miss everyone and our amazing church. It was so nice to be back at 8am service that Sunday and felt so great to see everyone :)

Christine, Jill, me, Krystie & the kids (my sweet neighbors). We all walked down to a local restaurant in Chelsea when Eric and I got in Friday night.

My sweet girlfriends that I miss so much joined us with their husbands and kids for a yummy dinner at Cocina Superior

Nolan playing the kiddy piano in the toy store

This is the dress I bought for Julie at Janie and Jack to wear to a wedding at the Botanical Gardens one night we were there

Nolan had so much fun at Caroline's Birthday party at SoHo Sweets! A 2-year old in a candy store, hyped up from cake and ice cream is another story!!

It was hard to keep Nolan out of the candy jars!

Nolan loved when Julie woke up every morning. He was so sweet to her and gave her lots of kisses!