Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flag Football

So we decided to sign Nolan up for 3 year old flag football with the Ocean Springs YMCA. He's definitely still a little young for this....but it's fun for the kids to run around chasing each other for their flags. Nolan did great his first game until he had the ball and his flags were pulled. He was done after that! Last game they got new flags and Nolan smashed his finger in the clip right before the game started, and cried on the sideline saying he wanted to go home :( Tonight we have practice and we really hope he just has fun and enjoys the time with his friends. Expectations are pretty low considering he's only 3, but at least this can prepare him for future team sports.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas 2010

What a procrastinator I've been! It's mid-January and I'm just updating my blog with Christmas pictures! We hardly took any pictures this year and Eric video taped the whole thing Christmas morning...which we later watched and realized the whole thing was in night vision! Oh, well! the kids had a blast...especially in their new truck!

The kids loved their soccer goal from Nonna & Pa-Paw

Nolan loved his guitar from Nommie & PapPa Mike

Our pretty tree Christmas morn

All about Thomas again this year