Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Merry Christmas

What a blessed year we have had with our two precious sons! They are such a light to our lives and make everyday better with their sweet smiles, laughter, and playfulness :) We are also blown away by the unexpected news that we would soon welcome another child into this world! God is so good...even when we least expect it he pours out His blessings on those that fully trust Him with their lives.
We have had so much fun this season blessing others with what God has blessed us with. I feel like we have given more now than we ever have, and in return, I feel "wowed" by how good giving really feels. I am really looking forward to staying home this weekend with my family and starting our own Christmas traditions. I'm looking forward to our candlelight service at church tomorrow night, reading the Christmas story to the boys, and baking a cake for Jesus :) I'm going to be cooking our first real Christmas day dinner for I pray the 5lb beef tenderloin is amazing! More than anything, I'm just so thankful for my husband and to share this special time of year with him. I just love him immensely, and I'm really looking forward to sitting back with him and enjoying our boys faces Christmas morning.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And the results say:

Boy or Girl
So, I bought the test yesterday because it has been right for a few of my friends. I think it's only 80% accurate, but I thought it would be fun to do until we go in for our next scheduled ultrasound.

And the results said:

I'm definitely not going to get my hopes up in case we find out it's a boy (which I will certainly be happy to have). It's nice to think I could really have a girl this time around :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10 weeks

Baby #3 is on the way and moving all around in my belly! We had our 10 week ultrasound yesterday and the baby was literally dancing all around :) The heartbeat was 175 and I'm measuring right on time for a due date of July 9th. We are finally used to the idea that we are REALLY having another baby...the shock has finally subsided! This pregnancy has been very different from my other 2, but the sickness has let up and I'm starting to feel a lot more like myself. I will try really hard to be a better blogger now!!