Thursday, March 25, 2010

8 months old

William is growing up so much faster than I ever remember Nolan...probably because we're so much busier with 2 little boys! William is our busy body. From scooting to crawling, pulling himself up and holding onto furniture...he's all over the place! He's always trying to wiggle out of your arms to move around, will hardly keep still to change his diaper, and loves to babble! His bright eyes are always keeping a close watch on where I am and he's always one step behind his brother. Nolan and William have just really started to play together and I love it! William would much rather play with Nolan's trains and cars than his baby toys. It's pretty funny!

William is still not the best eater, but he loves Baby Mum-Mum's, fruit puffs, and bananas. I keep offering him the sippy cup in hopes he will keep still long enough to drink from it. He's a great nurser and is still waking at least once during the night to nurse. Hopefully this will be the magical month when he starts sleeping through. I'm really looking forward to that day!

He can say ma, da-dee, bye-bye, and knows the sign for milk.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

10 Random Things

My blogging friend Lezlie tagged me in a little game of
10 Random things about yourself.
So here goes:

1. I love to cook. If only I had more free time in the husband would come home to a healthy gourmet meal every night! Not kidding! I'm always trying new recipes & enjoy watching the food network. I probably buy way to may cookbooks!!

2. I rarely finish a book I start. I have every intention of reading cover-to-cover when I purchase it, but my free time is so slim these days that I end up putting it aside. It's this never-ending cycle!

3. Coffee - are you kidding? Make it a lowfat skinny Latte or add some vanilla caramel creamer and I'm all about it. Have to have it first thing in the morning.

4. Afternoon tea and quiet time. Love to get into the word, pray, or talk with God over a hot cup of tea while the boys are napping in the afternoon. It's my mid-day check-point. Really try to do this most days of the week.

5. Love to shop for deals! Funny, I rarely ever bought anything on sale before I got married, but Eric has taught me all about spending wisely and saving for the future. Now I hardly ever pay full price for anything, bargin shop, and clip coupons. I love Marshalls. Always find amazing deals on designer clothes and I love it!!! Makes me smile :)

6. Like to try new things. You name it...I'll try it. Really enjoy doing things out of the ordinary and cannot wait to really travel the world some day.

7. Cannot stand ants and mosquitoes. Hate them...they annoy the mess out of me, especially when I find them anywhere in the house. Drives me crazy!

8. Really love to run and I need to join a gym where I can take group classes for yoga and pilates. Again, my free time is so limited and the gym I joined has no childcare or group classes...but it's got plenty of treadmills!!! Needless to say...I hardly ever go.

9. I'm at my lowest weight since my Junior year of college. I think having 2 boys will do that to you naturally!!

10. I love being a stay at home mom and spending quality time with my boys each day. I wouldn't trade this time for anything or any other job. I feel so blessed to play such an important role in their lives.

Now I'm supposed to tag 10 friends who might are a few who haven't gone yet.

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5. The Nix Family

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Audubon Zoo

We took advantage of the beautiful weather today and loaded the boys up for a zoo day! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day! Nolan was slow to warm-up to some of the bigger animals when we first arrived, but once we let him play and run around in the petting zoo, he was a different child!We took so many pictures of all the animals, but here are a few snapshots of the family.

Climbing in the petting zoo
William and me
William loved the sheep :)
Riding the train was Nolan's favorite!
Daddy with his boys
If they only knew how good they have it!!
Yes...Nolan trying to give the dinosaur his sippy cup!
We think Nolan has overcome his fear of sand! Yes, that's him playing in the sand digging for fossils! We were so excited!!