Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Miles 3 Months

Growing up so fast...I just remembered I forgot to post a 3 month pic on Sept. 27th. We spent a few nights at the beach and Miles was such a good baby! Just still really dislikes the car seat, so it makes getting around town and on the interstate for any period of time tough! But he'll eventually outgrow this. His newest thing is sucking his thumb, cooing, laughing and smiling at anyone who smiles at him! He is such a HAPPY baby! His whole face lights up when you talk to him.
 His brothers have grown very attached and love on him all the time. I sing "You are my sunshine" (both parts) to him just about everyday, and Nolan now sings it to him all the time! It's the sweetest thing ever! Miles still is not rolling over. That could be my fault b/c he has been on his belly since he was 7 weeks old to sleep, and has lots of tummy time. Trying to lay him on his back more now. We go for his 4 month check up in a few weeks so I'll post his stats.