Tuesday, July 28, 2009

William Cole Robinson

Eric and I are so blessed to announce the birth of our second son, William Cole, born on July 23, 2009 at 8:46pm. He was 19.5 inches long and weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces. It was a very quick delivery! I woke up Thursday morning with terrible back pain and knew something was different. I called my doctor and they told me to come in that morning at 10am for a check...which we found out I had dilated to 3cm since he last saw me on Monday at 2cm. They told me to go home and time my back labor and to come back at 2:00pm. When I arrived, I had already dilated to 4cm so my doctor sent us straight to the hospital. I was definitely in labor!

As soon as I got checked into our room, they started a poticin drip to help speed up my contractions. After receiving my epidural, my water was broken by 6:00pm. By 8:00pm that night, I had dilated to 6cm and then at 8:46pm, William was born!! It all happened so fast and in just a few pushes...our second son was born.

We are so thankful to God for watching over us and making this a quick labor and delivery. William is such a gift and is such a beautiful baby. We thank God for giving him to us and are so happy to be a family of four :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Frozen Fruit

Our family loves to snack on fruit and I've recently been buying all of our fruit at Sam's because we go through it so quickly. Anyhow, now that I stock up on larger portions of fruit each week at the store, I've been keeping half in the refrigerator and freezing the other half in small Ziploc bags. My favorites are frozen green grapes (slice the large ones in half), red raspberries (very crunchy!), and sliced banana pieces (Nolan calls banana pop-pop b/c he thinks it's a popsicle!). It's a great snack in the summer and something our family really enjoys.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A prayer while we're waiting...

Child within me, the Lord has created you. He has formed your body, and you are his. When you pass through the waters He will be with you and you will not be harmed. He is the Lord, thy God, thy Saviour. You are precious in His sight. He loves you. Let us not fear, for our Redeemer is with us. He will bring you forth safely. He will protect us from harm if we take upon us His name, for he created us to glorify Him.

We will be blessed with health, strength, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. With his gentle, loving hands he will deliver you without interference from anyone. I will not be afraid of your birth, for I know that the Lord created me to be a mother. My body knows what to do to assist the Lord as He delivers you out of my womb. Together we will work to bring you into this world without pain. The water that now protects you will carry you out and I will open myself up to you. The feelings of love, joy, and peace will escort you on your journey. When you are ready to join us in the world, we will welcome you.

Your father and I have been honored with stewardship over you. He has placed you in our care that we may love you and teach you His word. Your father is eager to hold you in his arms. I am eager to kiss you and nurse you for the first time. We look forward to your arrival, yet we will not grow impatient while we're waiting for your birth-day. We do not want you to be born before you are fully ready.

Your father and I will not be fearful. God has promised us that if we do not fear and are obedient to His commands, He will pour His spirit upon you and His blessings. Our family will praise and honor Him for the blessing of your birth, and the miracle of your life, giving thanks with song.

Adapted from Isaiah 43&44
Written by: Susana Fierro-Baig

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nolan is almost 2!

I can't believe Nolan is 23 months old today! Wow! Our baby is such a little man now, getting more and more independent everyday. The biggest change we've noticed in him lately is how impatient be can be. When he's ready to leave somewhere, it's right that second or all out fuss! I'm constantly redirecting and trying to explain the meaning of wait. He also is very attentive to detail. He knows what things belong to each family member (including our parents!) and if he sees something similar somewhere else, he's very quick to say ma-ma's for example. Nolan also loves playing with his matchbox cars and lining them up like a train. Although he can be very messy...he knows how to clean-up and put toys back, throw things away, put dishes in the sink, and take off his shoes when we come inside. Now if I could only keep him out of the pantry and frig. He constantly goes and helps himself to a "snack" or "juice box" whenever he wants. That gets old fast especially when it's not time to eat.

Nolan has also really mastered walking downstairs and barely holds your hand unless the steps are really big. He's also a really good climber, jumper, and dancer!! He loves music! He's not singing the words to a song yet, but I can't wait!

The most shocking thing he does at this age is putting himself to bed at night (says night-night to us and walks to him room, closes the door, and lays down!). We never saw that coming! He does this for his naps during the day too as soon as he's finished eating lunch. Amazing, huh!

Overall, Nolan is still the sweetest, most loving child who is still such a social butterfly and quick to give you a hug and kiss. I can't wait to see him interact with William :) He's going to be the best big brother!