Monday, September 13, 2010

Go Eagles!!!

There's just something about football season and dressing the boys up in their jersey's that makes me so happy! Watching them play football with their daddy in the front yard was even better :) We've also got new Saint's and LSU attire for them to wear for all the upcoming games because I think it's so stinking cute. Eric and I also enjoyed spending the whole day together on Saturday and went to the Southern Miss home game while my parents watched the boys. We enjoyed our tailgate group...but man was it hot!! Really excited about some cooler weather soon!

William starts MMO

William's first day of Mother's Morning Out at Trinity was last Wednesday. I think it's going to definitely take some getting used to!! William still takes a morning nap so going without it is going to take some adjusting :) I ended up picking him up early after my bible study at 10:30 (an hour earlier than scheduled). I hope this week will go better for him and hopefully he won't walk around with the blankie so much!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of Pre-K 3

Today was Nolan's first day of Pre-K 3 at St. Mark's. He has been looking forward to this day for weeks and was so excited to get dressed and wear his backpack again! I was super excited as we pulled up and saw all the parents taking in all the excited children. As a friend snapped the last picture of me & Nolan before I left...Nolan kinda got a little nervous, but said, "I'll miss you." Then with a quick kiss he was off to play. For a brief moment a tear and a smile came all at once. I was both happy & sad. Happy he's starting a new chapter of his life, sad because my baby is growing up. Oh, how I love my sweet Nolan :)