Thursday, February 25, 2010

7 months Old

William turned 7 months old on Tuesday! He said his first words, "Bye-Bye" the day after we were home from the hospital...too funny! He's been saying "ma" here in there when he's ready for me to get him out of his crib. He is probably never going to crawl. Instead, this little guy has mastered rolling over and turning in circles to reach everything he wants. He's so fast and will be across the room in a hurry if you're not paying attention. William is still not great at sitting up by himself unattended, and throws himself back, only to cry when he bumps his head. Boo :( His legs are very strong and he can stand alone holding onto our coffee table or the train table...with mommy close by to catch when he plops down! William is not the best eater, but loves to nurse. He's on #2 foods but rarely finishes a jar. He still wakes during the night at least once and is the most playful thing in his crib! He's my roly poly, silly willy...always smiling baby! He has the biggest smile ever :) William also just started going through separation anxiety when I leave the room and it's really bad. He just started this when we came home from the hospital. Bless his sweet little heart!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Carnival Time!

I must say Eric and I had kinda forgotten about Mardi Gras being removed from it for so long. We both had not even been to a parade since college. We are not big fans of the event, but we thought it would be nice to take the boys to a family friendly parade in Pass Christian this year to let Nolan catch some beads and see all the floats. He really wasn't too impressed and was coming down with the flu...which we found out he had the very next day (last weekend). Eric and I also went to our first Mardi Gras ball together last Friday with some friends in Biloxi and danced for hours! We had a blast and it was fun to get all dressed up and enjoy and evening out without the kids!

With our friends Sam & Sarah

 Aside from our fun festivities lately, both boys came down with the flu and we spent a lot of restless nights this past week taking care of them. William had to be hospitalized on Thursday vomitting, running 105.2 fever and was dehydrated. He also had some other infection going on besides the flu that they could never find. Anyhow, they released him last night and we had our best night's sleep in 7 days. William is fever free and feeling back to his normal self. Thank God! There is nothing worse than having sick babies!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Potty trained!!

My little man potty trained in under a week! We started on Monday morning and I put Nolan on his potty chair every 20 mins. He would sit until he went. Afterwards, I rewarded him with M&M's and lots of praise. Then on Tuesday he did #2 in the potty and daddy brought him home 2 big trucks to let him know how proud we were of him. The last 2 days he has woken up dry each morning and had no accidents at home or at school yesterday and just had one this afternoon on his way to the potty. He got so upset he didn't make it in time...but I assured him it was an accident and next time would be different.
I am beyond proud of Nolan. He is our emotional, dramatic, and loud I was holding back potty training him now, but he proved me wrong. He has been such a big boy about the whole thing and Eric and I are still in a little shock it's gone so well. I'm just so happy for him!!!