Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Almost time!

It seems like these past few months have flown by and now here we are, just 3 weeks away from by due date with William! Wow! I have been nesting up a storm trying to get things ready for the baby and then the contractions started. I had very mild Braxton Hicks with Nolan...but nothing like the ones I've been experiencing lately. Between all the running around, heat, and lifting a very heavy toddler...my body is trying to tell me to slow down (as did my doctor yesterday). I thought for sure I'd be dilating at my check-up yesterday from all the contractions...but little man is not ready just yet. I know he will be born on the perfect day in God's perfect time so I'm relaxing now! Feet propped up, drinking lots of water, and minimum lifting of Nolan!

I will do my best to keep you all updated as things progress. Please keep us in your prayers for a perfect labor & delivery. We can't wait to meet our little blessing!!

Nolan loves Eric's yard hat & running around in just a diaper before bath time!

Sweet boys all snuggled up :)

Preview of what's to come...Nolan thinks that Julie's activity gym is his new toy! He's been very excited about all of the baby items/toys we pulled out of our storage unit last week and points to everything and says "baby"!

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Father's Prayer: by Charley Gunter

Heavenly Father, thank You for my children's salvation. Thank You for choosing them to be children of mine and Yours. Thank You that You have lavished Your riches and Your inheritance on them, although they could do nothing to earn it or deserve it.

I pray for my children's legs to walk always with You, not racing ahead, not lagging behind, not wandering off, but day-by-day walking with Jesus, so that He is their constant companion. God, take them where You want them to go and keep them from the places they shouldn't go. Give them strength to continue when they feel weak. Give them courage to keep on walking with You, even when the road ahead looks uncertain and dim. Give them grace to bridge gaps, to leap walls, to span the separations between people and groups.

I pray for my children's feet, that You would place them where You want them to stand. Plant their feet on the immovable rock of Jesus. Talk to them when storms come or the world's attractions try to lure them down its path. Whisper in their ears and to their spirits, "Stand firm."

Through my children's arms, always do Your work. Strengthen them, hold them up, and direct them to do whatever You want them to do. Make their time valuable for eternity, not just the quick flash that is the span of their days on earth.

I pray for my children's hands that they will often fold them in prayer. Make them mighty in prayer. Teach them to pray after Your own heart. Enable them to live their lives so that everyone will see Your signature, "This one is the Lord's."

Give my children the patience to wait on You, Lord, so that You may renew their spirits and they may soar as on eagle's wings.

By Your enabling power, make my children's will as strong as iron for clinging to what is good and resisting evil. Cause them to be unyielding in following righteousness and rejecting anything not pure, holy, and completely from You. Make their wills toward You as pliable as spun silk when You convict them of sin or following their own ways. Give them tender hearts and teachable spirits for You, God.

I pray for my children's character, that You will make it strong and godly. Use godly men and women to mold, shape, and weave their character, beliefs, and views of You as You want to make them.

Enable by Your grace that their conscience will be clear. I pray they will keep a short list of accounts with You and quickly acknowledge sin to You and confess their wrongs. Give them the humility to seek forgiveness from the ones they offend. Enlarge their hearts to grant forgiveness freely, even before it is asked, when they are wronged.

I pray for my children's heart, that You would guard it. Keep them protected, covered, shielded, and sheltered from all harm that seeks to touch them. Make their hearts soft when they should show compassion, firm when "tough love" is required, and always holy.

By Your power, protect their bodies. Keep them well and safe, and heal them when they are sick or injured. Hold them and comfort them when they are afraid, lonely, sad, or discouraged. Give them the strength and the courage to keep on keepin' on when they feel they cannot any longer.

I pray for my children's minds, that regarding the things of Christ they will be full of knowledge and wisdom, and regarding the things of sin they will be ignorant. Give them Your wisdom and discernment to evaluate what they see.

Light my children's eyes with the light of Christ shining within them. Filter what they will see through holy filters. Protect them and keep them, for the devil masquerades as an angel of light. Give them holy understanding to see past the surface, to see the world from Your perspective, and to respond as You would.

Father, put Your Word in my children's ears and in their hearts frequently. I pray that they will not listen to unwise counsel or foolish talk and will seek Your wisdom and Your ways all their days.

I pray for my children's mouths, that words of praise and prayer will be on their lips always. Curb them from speaking rashly or without thought, so that they will bring honor and glory to You. I pray for my children's countenances, that they will reflect Your glory and the radiance of the hope that is alive within them.

Sanctify their pocketbooks, and teach them to be good stewards of what You give them. Teach them the principles of Your economy, the way to manage and use the things that You loan them. Beyond finances and possessions, make them good stewards of their talents, time, and opportunities You send. Help them to acknowledge that everything is Yours, and because of that, they need not worry or fear loss.

I pray that they will abide in righteousness and live worthy of the One who purchased their lives from destruction and eternal death. Show them that life is in Christ alone, that there is no other source of life, joy, light, peace, comfort, love, or truth that can endure forever, and no other is pure or holy but You.

Father-God, I place all these things in Your hands in the name of the One who is able to do all things, beyond anything we ask or imagine, to whom is all glory, honor, and praise, Amen.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Vacation to Seacrest Beach

We took our annual beach trip with my parents this year since we haven't been on a family vacation with them since Disney World in 2003. After we booked our trip, we found out a few weeks before we left that Eric had to go to Pennsylvania for work the same week. We were so sad, but Eric decided he would come for the weekend, take me out to Cafe 30A for our 5 year Anniversary dinner, and make the most out of just 2days there. After Eric left, my family was so helpful with Nolan since I'm really pregnant (34 weeks). We had a great time, enjoyed 7 days of beautiful sunshine weather and I really got to relax. Nolan however, still hates the sand, but loves the pool. So most of our time was spent at the pool with only going to the beach 4x's while we were there. Overall, it was a great trip and it was so nice to spend quality time with my family.

Nolan and I dressed for dinner

Attempted a family pic...not so successful!

Eric and Nolan in the pool

Nolan was one thirsty boy the whole trip since it was so hot!

On our way to the beach hoping Nolan will like it!

Nonna loves dressing her grandsons in matching pj's!

Nolan with Uncle Bryan at the beach

Nolan with his Pa-Paw having fun in his boat

Jeff, Nolan, Allison & Zach

Zach & Nolan played so much together

Me & Allison

Lovin' on Pa-Paw

Nolan's yummy chocolate covered pretzel stick that he ate like corn!

Friday, June 5, 2009

It's our 5-year Wedding Anniversary!!

"And they lived happily ever after..."

(I hand painted this plate for Eric and gave it to him the night of our rehearsal dinner)

I must say, 5 years ago today I woke up with butterflies in my stomach. I was so excited to say "I do" to the most incredible man I knew. I was ready to become one and ready to start our lives together as man and wife.

I still feel as if I'm the luckiest girl in the world. I couldn't have asked God for a better spouse than the one He's given me. Eric is an amazing husband who is so committed to me and the family we have started. He is a true man of his word and has always made me feel safe & secure no matter what challenges the day may bring. He is my best friend and together we make the perfect team! I always tell him how thankful I am that we work together on everything...and that's a huge part of what makes us centered and happy in our marriage through Christ.

Though today my husband and I are celebrating 5 wonderful married years together, we are looking forward to growing very old together and enjoying each new exciting year.

I’m still madly in love with Eric, and realize often how much I’m truly Blessed. I absolutely adore you babe and I am so grateful to be your wife and the mother of your children :)

June 5, 2004