Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nolan at 15 months

Nolan is growing up so fast these days! He's at such a playful age right now and is picking up on things a lot faster. His newest things are: playing kitchen at school, pointing to all his body parts, drinking out of a straw...finally!!, pointing to and saying "moon" at night, coloring & painting, climbing on everything, understanding simple commands like bring me your ball, or turn the water off, putting big wood puzzles pieces where they go, and of course our sweet love bug is blowing lots of kisses and giving hugs! He's still such a social butterfly and is quickly walking everywhere these days!!

Playing at the park with best friend Whit

First time to take a shower

Nolan getting ice cream with Frankie after his football game


Baby Huffstetler said...

What precious pictures.... still a little worn out from Monday!! So out of shape!!! I'll have to "train" to be up to speed with you!

Prentices said...

Big boy! Love the first shower picture!