Wednesday, January 2, 2008

5 months old today

Nolan is 5 months old today and is developing new skills daily. He's been making lots of new sounds, giggles uncontrollably and cracks himself up all the time! He's been rolling over for the past few weeks, raises both of his arms for objects and for Eric and I. He gives open mouth kisses on your cheek, is sitting up all by himself for short periods of time, and loves peek-a-boo! Nolan is an amazing eater and has liked every fruit and veggie he's been given. He's slightly allergic to we're putting that aside for a while. He also learned his 1st sign last week: Milk, and he will make the sign when I'm nursing him. Nolan is such a social baby, always smiling at new faces. He's teething quite a bit and brings any object in sight toward his mouth to chew on. Nolan recently cut his first tooth on the back right side of his mouth.


tarynhopper said...

Baby Lawson has a LEarning Puppy too. Since Beau King has one and Nolan has one, we need to get together and all have them on at once.

Jenny said...

We should get together soon. I miss seeing you and Baby Lawson each week. I'm looking forward to the small group directory for the spring!