Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Eric and I have so much to be thankful for this year. 2007 was the most amazing year ever, aside from 2004 - the year we got married. We were blessed in more ways than we can count and God blessed us immensely with the birth of our first son - the highlight of our year.

I have always heard people say that having a baby changes everything...and until you have one or go through being pregnant, you'll never experience the depth of what bringing a child into the world does to who you are.

For me, my usual fast paced schedule with work and social activities took the backseat and instead of always being so busy, I took more time to reflect on the good things I have in my life and focused on what is most important. Throughout 2007, I realized there is so much I'm thankful for and so many things I've decided to spend more time doing. Looking back, this is a list of some things I'm thankful for in 2007:

1. My relationship with God
2. Eric - my amazing husband
3. The birth of our son Nolan
4. Solid quality time with our families
5. My sweet girlfriends who are the best ever!
6. Church of the Highlands
7. My small groups
8. Dr. Duke
9. Picking up painting again
10. Journaling
11. Nolan's laughter
12. Lattes from Starbucks
13. Long walks & Yoga
14. Walking the beach with Eric
15. Losing all the baby weight
16. Snuggling with Nolan every morning
17. Having our neighbors over for dinner often
18. Getting randomly surprised by Eric
19. Our walks with Charlie (who I miss daily)
20. Dairy Queen Blizzard runs
21. Cup of flavored coffee in the morning
22. Crushed ice
23. Healthy first pregnancy
24. The color of autumn leaves in the hills around our home
25. The smell of Nolan's lotion
26. Eric kissing me good-bye each morning while I'm half asleep
27. Praying with Eric
28. Good books & movies
29. Big breakfasts on Saturday mornings
30. Loving on Eric and Nolan

....and there are so many more things I'm thankful for. These are just a few. Happy New Year!

Some pics from 2007:

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