Friday, March 14, 2008

We're back from Louisiana!

My little man was such a trooper and traveled with me on our first road trip without daddy. Eric had a conference for work in Chicago, so I took Nolan with me to see some close friends and family in Mississippi and Louisiana. He enjoyed watching My Friends Tigger & Pooh and Praise Baby on the dvd player in the car to keep him entertained on the drive. He barely made any noise, unless he was laughing. It was such a relief & such a blessing!

My parents were so sad to see us leave as they grew used to the noise of Nolan's many toys, laughter, and crying. I however, grew so homesick and missed Eric so much that I came home a day early. Nolan was so excited to see him yesterday...his whole face lit up.

Nolan at play group this morning...still tired from our trip, but wearing his new shoes Nonna bought him. These are the first shoes he's ever worn :)

Grandma lovin on me when we stopped to see her at work on our way back to Birmingham yesterday. She can't get over how big I've gotten.

Nolan had fun with Aunt Allison and her dog Doodle. We enjoyed a yummy Mexican lunch, snow cones, and relaxing in the sun on her patio. He can't wait to meet his little sister is due mid-October with her first child & we're so excited!

Nolan meets my dear friend Carrie for the first time

Here are a few pics from Haley's baby shower - one of my sorority sisters from college. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to get a pic with her.

Megan and Molly

Gretchen poses for a pic with us

Malisha and her little girl Addie

Nolan is learning to drink water from his sippy cup

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