Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nolan's 1st Soccer Game

And so it with 3 boys and all the sports they're going to play. Nolan had his very 1st soccer game tonight and it was great! The kids played so well, or a lot better than I was envisioning, scoring goals, and running their best. They were super cute! Eric was asked to coach his team, so it was great seeing them both on the field. I was so excited for Nolan :) The biggest challenge  was chasing after William every 5 seconds. Whew! That child is someday going to be a track star or top in his cross country team. He loves to run, and run away! I wore Miles in the baby Bjorn carrier to have my hands free, but if he wasn't running, he was wanting Eric to hold him. So games will be every Monday and Wednesday night for a few weeks. Busy, busy!!

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