Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

What an amazing day! I feel so blessed, so loved, and so thankful to have such a great family to spend this special day with. I awoke to the boys giving me hugs and kisses saying, "Happy Mother's Day Mommy" and come see your cards! They picked out this funny chicken card that said I rule the roost and it sang the Chicken dance song. Hilarious! I also got a sweet card from Eric and a bag from my favorite boutique Panache filled with 2 sets of Catherine Popesco earrings and a dress! He rocks!!

We enjoyed a great morning of worship at our church and a yummy lunch at The Chimneys here in Gulfport.

Eric spent the afternoon building a downhill go-cart with the boys made out of wood they painted red, wheels, and rope. Good times! Loved this day :)

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