Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's been way too long!!

So it's been a very busy few months! I cannot believe my last post was in October when by baby was only 3 months old! Miles is now 10 months old, 20 pounds and 28 inches long. He is a speed crawler, walking holding onto furniture and the walls, and trying to keep up with his big brothers. Miles is the sweetest thing ever...always smiling and has such a sweet demeanor. I have a big soft spot for Miles because he's so loving and snuggly with me. It may just be because he is my last baby and I'm savoring every minute he is little :) We are blessed in such a HUGE way by him and are so thankful to the Lord for surprising us with him and are so thankful our family is now complete.

Nolan is about to finish up Pre-K 4 at St. James. He has come a long way in his speech this year and his handwriting. Nolan has been nicknamed "teddy bear" by his teachers because he is so quick to give hugs. He is still our very organized, stick to the rules, and follow directions child. He is an AMAZING big brother and watches out for William & Miles, always making sure everyone is doing the right thing. I never feel the need to worry about Nolan, just his feelings getting hurt here and there. He played soccer in the fall and is finishing up his first season of tee ball right now. So far, taekwando has been his favorite, and we are looking forward to picking that back up this summer. Nolan has also excelled in swimming, but still needs just a few more swim lessons before we can let go of the floaties completely. Other than that, we are so blessed by Nolan's love and his HUGE heart.

William, our busy bee, is our SUPER independent child. He has so much energy that it can be annoying at times! Seriously, this child is constantly on the go, always getting into something, and and always making the biggest mess. He rarely sits still and rarely follows the rules! He is learning, through consistent discipline that there is a consequence when you don't listen and follow our rules! However, despite his busy and adventurous personality, he is extremely sweet and gives so much love to Eric and I and his brothers. William loves to play outside and loves to go to school and play with friends. He is also very, very smart and figures things out fast! He loves to run. He will run laps around the living room and kitchen, just because. We think he will excel in soccer or any sport! I think he will be very athletic one day and definitely has the energy to play hard! He will start Pre-K 3 next year and I'm so curious how he will do in a more structured setting. William keeps things interesting all the time!

I will try not to wait so long before writing my next post!!

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