Tuesday, February 5, 2008

6 months Old

Nolan was 6 months old on Saturday and we went for his routine check-up yesterday. He weighed in at 22.8 pounds and 28 inches long. The doctor told me he's in the 99th percentile for weight...which isn't a great place to be. He told me I HAD to completely stop breastfeeding him when he wakes up during the night. He said his last feeding should accompany milk around dinner time. Since Nolan usually eats at 6pm and then goes down to sleep right after, that will be his last feeding until he wakes in the morning.

So last night he cried on and off for 3 hours because he wanted milk when he woke up at midnight. As hard as it was hearing him cry...I kept consoling him and then finally laid down with him in the guest bed. He fell fast asleep until 4:30am when I gave in and fed him. I'm one exhausted mama today and probably will be for the next few days until he stops waking up out of habit.

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