Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mommy's new haircut

So I decided I needed a different kind of haircut...a new look for a new mom :) My hair texture changed a lot when I was pregnant and I haven't liked my hair as much. With spring around the corner I thought what the heck - it can always grow back if I don't like it. I love it though and my hair stylist said it was very posh like!

Here's a few pics of Nolan playing with our neighbor Ethan who is 3 months younger.


Fuller Family said...
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Fuller Family said...

Hey, I love your new haircut! Nolan is so cute=) I started a blog too.. although I have a lot to learn! I started one a while back that I stopped using and then started a new one. My new blog is Not the Fuller family one- can't figure how to get that one off.