Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Nonna!

My mom's 60th Birthday was yesterday and we were unable to be with her so we borrowed our neighbors camera, snapped a few shots of Nolan, and had one pic framed and mailed to her in time for Sunday.

We had a very busy weekend and threw a going away party for our good friends Lindsay and Derek. They're moving to Austin, TX next week and we're so sad :( Lindsay and I have really become good friends over the past few years and we're going to miss seeing them. We are looking forward to spending a few days in Austin this September for her brother-in-law's church plant (through our church).


Lezlie said...

If you guys drive through Houston, PLEASE give us a call. You are welcome to crash at our house or just stop by to let Nolan meet Andrew & Lila!

Jenny said...

Thanks Lezlie! I may be visiting them in April, but most likely we will fly both times. I think it may be too long of a drive with Nolan. When will you guys be in Mississippi next?

p.s. Your blog is adorable and the kids are so precious :)