Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We finally got a new camera!

Now that we've got a new camera I can start posting more pics again. Here's a few from our weekend in Laurel and some from earlier this week. Nolan has had a slight cold with a runny nose and mild conjestion for over a week now. We haven't made it outside much with his cold and the yucky weather for a stroller or wagon ride, but I had to briefly take him out today b/c it was so beautiful outside...just a little cold & windy! Nolan also cut another bottom tooth on Sunday. He was very fussy the whole weekend, but slept soundly through the night last night...Praise God! He's also started making Ba-Ba sounds I think because we call him Bubba Bear so often! Nolan also started scooting backwards last week instead of crawling forward. He can get pretty fast so I have to constantly watch him when he's on his belly.

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